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Does JAMB Set Theory Questions?

Does JAMB set theory questions? Many students have been very inquisitive about knowing if JAMB sets theory questions. It is not far-fetched that JAMB is an examination that is written yearly by almost eight million students in Nigeria and it has always been introducing new methods and ways of improving their examination standards.

JAMB is an examination that is compulsory for all students who wish to further their education in any tertiary institution, college, or polytechnic to write to be admitted. Over the years, JAMB has become the only accepted entrance examination that is seen as accepted by these tertiary institutions, colleges of education, and polytechnics.

Does JAMB Set Theory Questions?

No, JAMB does not set theory questions, they technically set only objective questions also known as multiple-choice questions. In this type of question, the candidate is expected to choose an answer correctly from the choices or options provided. JAMB questions provide options from A to D where the answer is hidden in one of the options. The candidate after reading or solving the question carefully ticks or selects the right answer from the options given.

How Many Subjects Are Written in JAMB

There are a variety of subjects that students are expected to choose during their JAMB registration process. They should be aware that the subject combination should match the course that they are vying to study in the tertiary institution. Each candidate is expected to select or register four subjects.

does jamb set theory questions

There is no minimum number of subjects or maximum. The standard number of subjects to be chosen is four. The subjects offered by JAMB’s selection are Mathematics, Use of English Language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Further Mathematics, Commerce, Government, Accounting, Economics, Geography, Computer Science, and Literature in English.

In all the subjects, the candidates are expected to select four courses from each of them but they should bear in mind that the Use of English Language is compulsory for all the candidates. So, they are expected to select Use of English Language and any other three subject combinations of their choice.

Does JAMB Repeat Questions?

Yes, JAMB may repeat questions but it does not happen consecutively. A particular question that was set three years ago might be repeated successively. JAMB will never repeat questions of a whole year instead the questions will be mixed.

Have JAMB Started Giving Admission?

After each successfully concluded computer-based test by the JAMB Examination Board, the next step taken by the examination board is to release the results of the candidates and upload them on the JAMB portal for easy access of each candidate.

Once it has been sent to the portal, it is also sent directly to the portals of the school which the candidate has chosen either as first, second, or third choice. JAMB does not consider a fourth choice for the candidates except on the ground that the candidate does not meet up with the cut-off mark of 180 marks, then JAMB may offer the candidate a supplementary exam or a resit in the next year.

There are three choices of institutions that are to be made by the candidate before the JAMB registration process. The first choice ought to be a Federal or State University, the second choice can be a polytechnic or a university of agriculture while the third choice of institution can either be a college of education or a technical college.

It is important that after JAMB has released the results of each candidate, they should take it upon themselves to always log on to the JAMB portal to check if they have been offered admission by any of the institutions that they chose during their application process.

How To Get JAMB Questions Some Minutes To The Test

The JAMB examination is a computer-based test and it is very hard for candidates to bypass the malware to get the questions some minutes before the examination. JAMB sets their question in such a way that is hard for any person to know until the examination has begun.

JAMB has categorized its questions into types such as Type A, B, C, and so on. Two candidates might be writing the same test and same subjects but the questions that are there are not similar at all. Because candidate with a Type A question may be answering Government while the Type B candidate is answering the same but the number one question of Type A might be the number thirty of Type B so it is very hard to get the question even before the examination day proper.

It is wise that candidates preparing for the JAMB computer-based test should study hard to pass the examination and not trust any form of malpractice. It can also be helpful that candidates register for the JAMB mock test during the registration process so that they can practice past examination questions before the examination day properly so that the examination does not seem strange to them.

When Is JAMB Result Coming Out?

JAMB results mostly do not take time to be released to the candidate. Since it is a computer-based test, it takes two weeks for the results to be released to the students. Usually, when it takes more than the expected time to be released, then a public announcement is made by the registrar.

It is either they are fixing bugs in their apps or portals or they are taking time to check for candidates who may have encountered some issues like breakdown of the computer during their examinations or some issues with registrations so that they can be offered an option for a supplementary to compensate them.

When Is JAMB Registration Starting?

Usually, JAMB makes an official announcement every year on when they will be open to the candidates for registration. The JAMB registration portal is always open to candidates usually in January and February.

The candidates are given enough time for registration and to prepare as well for the test. It is also necessary that candidates who may have some changes to make in their registration slips should do so so that they do not face too many queries and complications from the JAMB officials on the day of the test.

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