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‘The Exorcism’ Review: Russell Crowe Plays Another Exorcist Role.

The Exorcism features Russell Crowe, a living dead man who is possessed by an evil spirit and a vampire. The moment you feel you have had enough of horror movies, Russel Crowe comes out with a thriller and trailblazing movie to captivate the minds of the average viewers and audiences. The Exorcism was released on the 21st of June this year to the theatres and cinemas worldwide for viewers to be captivated again. The movie was written by Joshua John Miller who has starred in different movies such as Near Dark and And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird before he finally scripted and directed The Exorcism.

The Exorcism is a movie where Anthony Miller who is Russel Crowe, an actor is facing challenges and difficulties while making a shoot of a mysterious film. His daughter (Ryan Simpkins) began to think that he was drifting back to his previous life where he was addicted or there was something different which has gone wrong with him. The Exorcism is a story that brings about a new dimension of horrific theme without the use of the regular zombies and vampires that are well known to many people. However, many viewers are buying the idea that the movie industry is taking a new turn to creatively recreate ideas and form them into intriguing videos.

Why does Russell Crowe keep making exorcism movies?

Russel Crowe, the Oscar winner has been found making and featuring mostly as the lead role in exorcism movies after he released the trendy ‘The Pope’s Exorcists’ which caught the attention of many. His career is now focused on producing horror movies that are bent on exposing and revealing the rites of the Catholic church. In the previous years before his debut role in the movie which brought him to the limelight of the A-listers of his generation, he has featured in the following thriller movies; Unhinged, Land of Bad, and his crime thriller, Sleeping Dog. 

The Exorcism

His later release of The Pope’s Exorcist where he played the role of representing Fr. Gabrielle Amorth became a big hit and surprisingly, he played the role well. It has been rumored that the second episode of the movie will soon surface but it will still take the lead of the same exorcism of trying to send the devil out of the world. Russell is gradually becoming the best actor for the role of exorcist priest. It may sound strange but maybe because his face still looks fresh from featuring in the previous movie where the devil came to possess a person and he struggles as a priest to cast out the demon.

It would not be surprising for viewers to see him in the same Catholic priest costume with the big crucifix and the medal of St Benedict playing any other role because he puts his whole personality into the movies by owning it and delivering a good job.

Viewers Ratings and Review of The Exorcism

A lot of viewers have yet to watch the movie which was recently released but the few who have been privileged to watch The Exorcism has left good reviews and high ratings value for the horror movie. Most viewers who have left reviews were mostly adults and parents and some have left comments that will help others who are yet to watch be aware of what they are to meet in the long run of watching the movie. 

The Exorcism is a movie about a demon taking possession of a human body. It has a lot of spooky, scary scenes which may not be healthy for children below the age range of ten to watch so that it does not cause psychological trauma to them or lead to nightmares. It has scenes of gory killings, especially of a woman who is violently throwing herself around due to being possessed by the devil. 

The Exorcism

Some of the scenes are also too obscene and the careless use of words and big language are clearly shown. There are also more sexual activities and a strong dependence on and use of drugs. Parents need to be aware of their children who are below the mentioned age range from watching the movie or it can be watched under the guidance of the parent, guidance, or adult.

The Plot and Thematic Expression

Horror movies always have a way of intriguing and captivating the viewers and The Exorcism has not been left out. This chilling movie dives into the world of the dark forces of the devilish possession of humans by demons and their agents, leaving the viewers on the edge of their seats. As we delve into the plot and themes of this noteworthy movie, we will make sure to uncover the underlying secrets that have made The Exorcism a must-watch for most horror movie lovers.

Examining the key elements embedded in the movie and its genre, it was able to stand among others because of its nature and lot of terrific tension that it leaves the viewers with.  The movie explores many themes that have added to its narrative. One of the most promptings of them is the struggle between faith and doubt and the argument of the existence of devil and its agents.

The Exorcism is a mastercraft in creating tension and suspense. The shadows, lighting, and angular position of the camera create an eerie atmosphere that surely would draw viewers in. The film’s color palette is muted, with a focus on dark blues and grays adding to the sense of the foreboding.

Is The Exorcism based on a true story?

it has not yet been revealed if the movie was acted based on a real-life event or whether it has been acted to depict what an author have written in a particular novel but it conveys true life moral lessons that the devil and its agents can possess anyone. Even from the argument which seems not to have an answer if the devil exists in our world today.

Yes, it exists but in a different form that many people have yet to realize. Once a press conference is held on the movie or the day of the movie premiere will be a good chance for the director of the movie will surely attempt to give answers to most of the questions that viewers have regarding The Exorcism movie.

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