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Easy Steps On How To Reverse Your Money On Capitec App

How To Reverse Your Money On Capitec App has never been made easier unlike before. Most Capitec bank customers have been looking for an easier way to reverse their funds without going to the bank and passing through the stress of lining up.

We have a lot of Capitec Bank customers who may have been using the Capitec Bank app without knowing the unfathomable easy-to-use features that have been placed before them. We have all been in a situation where we mistakenly send money to the wrong customer or you were involved in a scam where a particular person accidentally got your details or you must have disclosed your bank details to this person.

It might also be that your bank has been phished.  Then you have landed on the right place to get a solution to your problems without having to pass through the stress of queuing in the bank to get attended to.

The good part of the story is that Capitec Bank has added a particular feature to help you get your funds back easily. Stay tuned in this post and get acquainted with the raw knowledge on how to reverse your money On Capitec App.

How To Reverse Your Money On Capitec App

This post on how to reverse your money on Capitec App is a step-by-step process. You will have to follow it gradually or else you will miss the whole step. The following are tips on how to reverse your money on Capitec App

Step 1: Launch Your Capitec Bank App

Grab your mobile phone and look out for the Capitec Bank App. Remember it should be the original Capitec Bank app because there are many apps that look similar apps that look like Capitec Bank apps with similar features and even names but they are only there to serve as phishing apps.

These apps are created by scammers so that they can gain access to your bank details and extort your money. The original Capitec Bank app has a blue and orange ribbon as its logo and it is written beneath ‘Capitec Bank’. Once you have clicked on this app and launched it, you will need to enter your personal details to sign in. Some may have added the fingerprint or any other biometric means of signing in.

Step 2: Look Out For Your Previous Transaction History

The moment you have finally gained access to your Capitec Bank app, the next thing on the list to do is to look out for your previous transaction history or the transaction history of the date that you made the wrong transfer. Your transaction history contains all the recent and previous debits and credit alerts that have come into your bank app since you started using your Capitec Bank.

To find the Transaction History on your Capitec Bank app, look out for the ‘Transact’ icon on the mobile app which is located at the bottom of the app. Once you tap on it, it will unveil all the transaction history since you started using the mobile app.

Step 3: Search For The Particular Transaction You Want Reversed

This is where you will have to pay keen attention to. Once you have successfully opened your transaction history, you will see an icon where you can search the transaction history based on the date that you carried out the transaction.

Carefully search for the date you made the wrong transaction and make sure it corresponds with the right amount that was debited from your account and the right date as well. It must also bear the receiver’s name.

Step 4: Looking Carefully

The moment you have gotten the right transaction which requires reversal, the next thing is to click on it to open in its full fledge so that you can see other statements that are included in the history. Once you click on it, it will give you the full details on the particular date, time, name, transaction identification, and the amount that was disbursed on that day.

Step 5: The Reversal Button Magic

This part is the most important and the moment that you must have actually been waiting for. This is where you will get the opportunity to press the magic button of reversal. Many customers will think that the reversal will happen instantaneously.

You should note that the reversal option is not always at the point where you think it is supposed to be. This happens when the bank themselves feel that people usually request for reversal for a transaction that they have willingly carried out by themselves. But you will be the luckiest if the reversal button is at the spot at the particular time that you need it most.

Once you are able to see the reversal button, then it means that the bank allows you to reverse the money but if the reversal button is not there at that particular time then there is a second option that can be considered rather than passing through the stress of having to go to the bank and queue up.

The second step to take is to send a mail to the Capitec Bank customer care. In this email, you will have to express yourself so that they can better understand the issue you are facing while banking with them. After writing a simple message about the transaction that requires reversal.

In this message, make sure it contains the date, amount, and the recipient of the fund. Then you can also provide them with your account number for easy identification of the customer that is making the complaint.  The next step is to take a screenshot of that particular transaction history and attach it to the message. This will serve as proof.

Step 6: Keeping Track Of Your Reversal Query

This last part is very crucial because after submitting a transaction reversal request, you must keep track of your query because the Capitec Bank customer care service might want to get back to you. Note that the money will not be reversed instantly, it usually happens within or after five working days (Saturday and Sunday not included).

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