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Netflix Must Watch ‘Lobola Man’: A Hilarious Take On African Culture

Are you ready to crack your ribs with laughter at this new movie called ‘Lobola Man’? This hilarious movie follows the tales of a cunny and crafty lobola negotiator who faces different deals but finally meets a tough one which finally became the ice-breaker.

The romantic genre movie directed by Lawrence Maleka which is set to be premiered on the 12th Of July is making waves on Netflix and in many South African cinemas as many people are booking tickets to watch this hilarious movie of the 21st century. The unpredictable outcome, and the joy in getting there is what makes the movie enjoyable. The movie depicts how the racial barriers and the rigidity of outdated traditions can be transcended by love.

What Does Lobola Mean?

According to the Zulu and mostly Xhosa culture, lobola is said to be the dowry paid by the man according to the marriage custom. A certain amount is agreed to be paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s family as a way of appreciating them for taking care of their daughter well and to seek her hand in marriage.

The lobola is always negotiated when the pricing or list given to the bride is far more than their budget. Therefore, the lobola is not a particular fixed price. The bride’s parents and other relatives especially the elderly ones in the family come together to put forward a list of items and amounts that are required to be paid by the groom’s family who is supposedly their future in-laws. The lobola paying tradition has a long history and it has also spread across all parts of Africa. It is held very strict and sacred.

These requirements and lists are then given to the groom’s family. They will finally return to make payments if they have agreed with the items listed but if the items are way more than they can afford, then they will seek a negotiation.

In the olden days, items such as cows, some kitchen utensils, and food items. These items collected by the families are in many cases returned to the newly wedded couples to help them start a new home. Many grooms who are not well off, struggle so hard to get all the items ready to get married but at the end of the day, the struggle continues to maintain the home.

Lobola Man Movie Casts

‘Lobola Man’, is a romantic comedy movie that features a lot of comical actors and actresses that made the movie more hilarious with the likes of Thembie Matu, Sandile Mahlangu, Nimrod Nkosi, and Lawrence Maleka himself who directed the film.

Lawrence Maleka was to bring into the limelight the main story which he conveyed beautifully with the right choice of actors and actresses that helped portray the story well. Ace Ngubeni which was the role played by Maleka. He is a smooth talker and very good at his job. He is well-known for negotiating his way through with his charming speaking style.

lobola man
Credit: Netflix

Ace created one rule by which he was to live never to fall in love with the bride or even the family. Although he was more experienced in the art of love he seems to be a questioning type. He eventually got tied to a woman who made him see life from a different angular perspective. This made him land a job with his friend where they are tucked in the negotiation of Sandile’s girlfriend’s lobola.

Viewers Review On Lobola Man Movie

lt is a great opportunity for most culture lovers because the movie which is set to be launched on the 12th of July is going to be a hit, especially in South Africa. Movie lovers worldwide have started to send in their reviews, especially after watching the trailers on YouTube, Netflix, and some other video-supported formats.

The movie, as the trailer has promised the audience has set their hearts on suspense because it is going to be filled with humor, an atmosphere of love in the air, the long-maintained culture of the Zulu and Xhosa people of South Africa, and the true beauty and unique African tales.

Viewers should get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in-depth in love because the characters have played a big role in bringing the role to life.

Where To Watch Lobola Man

The Lobola Man movie which will be released on the 12th of July will not be shown or aired on any national TV stations. To watch Lobola Man, simply log on to your Netflix account and add it to your watchlist. You will simply be notified when it is finally released for streaming.

The Lobola Man is ranking among the Top 10 movies of July, especially those that are still on the watch list and are yet to be released. Viewers cannot just wait for the release date to behold the fun of these new movies.

Is The Lobola Man Based On A True Life Event?

It cannot be ascertained if the Lobola Man movie is based on a true life event but it has been proven that it falls according to the tradition and customs of some tribes in South Africa and the likes of other African tribes. The Lobola Man movie portrays well the traditions that seem never to fade. Customs and traditions indeed have continuity but putting this tradition on the screen will leave long-lasting and evergreen memories on the viewers.

Viewers are encouraged to show interest by giving it a high rating so that the movie can become a universal one. This will serve as a good way of promoting not just the movie but the African cultural heritage. Since the movie directors have acted The Lobola Man in such a way that it will attract international attention.

It is best that the movie helps the African continent to showcase its traditional practices, and encourages intra-ethnic marriage, and cultural exchange.

The movie’s vibrant colors, music, and dance celebrate African culture and showcase its beauty and richness. The movie’s themes and characters may encourage audiences from different cultural backgrounds to learn more about African culture and traditions.

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