Medical Internship and Shadowing Program for High School Students in London UK

The Medical Internship and Shadowing Program for High School Students in London is a health program organized and sponsored by Lite Regal Education and Lite Regal International College. It is a real-life internship program for students in the medical field especially students studying Biology/Life Science, Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Dentist, and other health-related professions.

Doctor shadowing and medical internships in London hospitals and clinics are very important for medical students so that they can be able to gather experience from different is vital for any students aged 17+ wishing to apply to Medical School or for students who are already studying medicine any Medical college or institute and wishes to get more knowledge through this internship program.

This internship program is open to last for two to four weeks and this is a great opportunity for these qualified students to gain experience in the London Clinic during the Summer/Fall holiday with a real doctor, unlike the ones that are placed in adverts on many big screens. Those seem to be simulated and mostly games.

The best thing that will happen to any of the qualified candidates is that they will be able to get first-hand skills from talented doctors, nurses, and other specialists depending on their area of specialization. They will learn the basics skills on how to diagnose and take patient records, and gain the necessary knowledge needed in different areas of specialization.

It is called a shadow program because the students will be attached to different doctors who are openly willing to accept interns but then it is open to students from across the world to make applications.

Eligibility Criteria For The Medical Internship and Shadowing Program for High School Students

To be able to qualify for the Medical Internship and Shadowing program, the intending applicants should make sure they meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant should be fluent in speaking English Language and be capable of writing as well.
  • The applicant should demonstrate the willingness to enter a Medical school or study a Health related course.
  • The applicant should at least be in Year 12 of High School or more and must have completed 17 years of age at the time of the application and internship volunteering date.
  • The application is also open to citizens of the United Kingdom. They will have to make their application through the Lite Regal Shadowing Program portal.
  • The applicant must have a strong desire and be highly motivated to attend the program.
  • Applicants who are already in their 5th year in a Medical school and those who are already on their MBBS course are also welcome to apply for an internship program during this time.
  • Students must possess good skills in speaking the English Language with at least a good pass mark in either IELTS 5-6, TOEFL iBT 35-59, TOEIC 526-750, or Cambridge FCE.
  • Students who have studied English Major or already have a degree in English Language do not require any of the above-mentioned degrees. They are also free to apply.
  • The applicant should be ready to finance the cost of feeding while the program lasts, the transportation and living expenses will be covered by the internship program.

Who Can Apply For The Shadowing Internship Program

The Medical Internship and Shadowing Program is suitable for all young aspiring doctors from the age range of 16 and above. The internship will help them know what the profession entails and the common pressures that come with it.

Medical Internship and Shadowing Program for High School Students
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Students who want to become future Dentists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Paramedics, and other health-related personnel will need this program because the course basics will serve as a foundation for them.

How To Apply For The Medical Internship and Shadowing Program

To apply for the internship program, the candidates should be very much aware of the program details and what is required of them. They should read the eligibility criteria to also see if they fit well into the status of applying for the program. The following process is required to apply for the internship program:

  1. The candidate will have to log on to the Medical Internship and Shadowing Program for High School Students portal and register or create a new account with their original details that match their documents.
  2. The candidate will be requested to fill in their personal details.
  3. For the receiving doctors and other specialists to better know who they are accepting and for the security of the patients in the hospitals and clinics, the Internship program will be requesting that the candidates submit the following:
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the applicant stating all your personal details, school, and other experiences.
  • A headshot photograph or student card of your respective school.
  • A cover letter of application stating your purpose of applying for the program. It should not be more than 500 words.
  • A copy of your international passport a valid study visa and some other travel documents
  • A valid proof that you are currently enrolled in the school or institute. A proof of admission might serve better.
  • A copy of your health insurance scheme and some other health records will be helpful.
  • The applicant will also need to present a COVID-19 and Polio vaccine card to show that they are immune from the virus.

Internship Award Amount

Students who are picked for this program will be awarded the sum of EUR5000 which will be used to sponsor the student in the program while it lasts.

What Will Students Get After The Medical Internship Program?

For the span of two to four weeks, the students who are chosen for the program will achieve experience in clinical exposure, enhanced knowledge of medical ethics, application of their acquired theoretical knowledge, teamwork, patient interaction skills, increased confidence, motivation, and career clarity.

All students will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance from the Medical Internship and Doctor Shadowing program in partnership with the LITE Regal Education. This certificate of attendance will also be accompanied by a letter from the Doctor that the student has been shadowing while the internship program lasts.

Students especially those in Year 5 and those undergoing their MBBS course will be given a Letter of Recommendation. The doctor will state the strengths and weaknesses of the student in the letter with the aim of the student to use it and improve more and also it will be resourceful for the student in the future.

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