M-Power Monthly Scholarships For International Students

M-Power Monthly Scholarships for International Students is one of the latest STEM scholarship schemes that is proudly sponsored by the M-Power company and the M-Power Financing Scholarship Team to assist International students to study for free in any tertiary institution of their choice.

This scholarship program is open monthly to all students. The M-Power company is ready to sponsor awarded students of this scholarship program to study at any university of their choice in the United States of America and Canada respectively. It is open for students from secondary or college level to undergraduate and post-graduate level.

The M-Power Scholarships for International Students is offering to award almost US $48,000 every month to assist students from various countries to study. This is open to international students and it offers a variety of courses to choose from. It is an open opportunity for students to choose from so that they can fund their education to study any of these courses in their dream countries.

Eligibility Criteria For The M-Power Monthly Scholarships For International Students

To be eligible to apply for the M-Power Monthly Scholarships For International Students, the candidates for the application must match the following criteria:

  • The student must have been admitted to a university degree program in the United States of America or Canada. It must be a full-time program and the school must support M-Power.
  • The student must be an international student living in any of these countries with a legal study permit.
  • The study in the United States means the student has already qualified to have a study permit with an authentic visa permit or the Deferred Action covers the student for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
  • Any United States citizen who wishes to apply for the scholarship must have a valid Canadian study permit and the same goes for Canadian citizens, they must have a valid United States study permit.
  • Citizens of Canada studying in Canada are not eligible for this scholarship and the same applies to citizens of the United States studying in their country.

Finally, M-Power is a financial institution that lends money to people. For students to increase their chances of being selected for the M-Power Monthly Scholarships For International Students, you should have been a long-time user of the M-Power Financing program. But this does not mean that is part of the eligibility criteria for the M-Power Monthly Scholarships For International Students.

How To Apply For The M-Power Monthly Scholarships For International Students

To apply for the M-Power scholarship, the student should be able to meet up with the eligibility criteria. It is important to know that M-Power has terms and conditions that the applicants need to read and be very aware of before making an application. The following steps should be followed to achieve a successful application:

  • Log on to the M-Power Scholarship portal and search for the Monthly Scholarships for international students
  • Create an account with M-Power and make sure you use valid details and contacts.
  • The applicant will receive an email for verification of email.
  • After your email, the applicant can now proceed to login to the M-Power portal
  • There are several items to be filled such as names, email addresses, nationality, contact address, and number.

Before clicking the ‘Submit’ button during the application process, the candidate should make sure the application is cross-checked for errors in names, addresses, email addresses, contact numbers, and other important facets of the application.

Terms And Conditions To Consider When Applying For M-Power Scholarship

Many students would want to manipulate the system by submitting multiple applications with different emails. M-Power will not accept a candidate making multiple entries into the scholarship application. They have to be aware that only one entry is required. Any candidate caught during the assessment of the application will be disqualified from the program because it is considered malpractice and cheating.

Any application that is made with fake identities will be considered void. This is seen as a scam, fraud, and impersonation of an unidentified person. Applicants should beware of this because most people will want to use this as a way of bypassing the program.

Applicants should know that as the application proceeds to the next level, they will have to present documents to show that they are not impersonating any unidentified person. The applicants should be aware that M-Power will never use any of their personal details that have been submitted for any reason aside from the purpose which it is supposed to serve which is for the scholarship program.

The applicants should be aware that the terms and conditions of the M-Power scholarship program have to be complied with to avoid being disqualified from the program. Applicants should be aware that from time to time, they will be communicated with through the contact numbers they have provided and email addresses so that they can know where they are in the application process.

Applicants should also be aware that M-Power has every right to withdraw their scholarship sponsorship if they realize that the applicant no longer complies with their terms and conditions or if they notice that their application was a fraud or scam.

Period Of Scholarship Draws

The M-Power Scholarship holds its draw every last day of the month. It is necessary that every applicant should submit their applications before the middle of the month to enable the M-Power Scholarship team to access the application.

For each month, three scholarship winners will be picked and awarded the scholarship prize after the draw.

How Are The Winners Selected?

Applicants should be aware that all the application entries will be accessed by three-judge panelists who are experts in scholarship assessments. M-Power will make sure all valid applications are well reviewed before the prize winners are selected.

The winners will be selected based on the written essay submitted by each candidate. The essays to be submitted must be written in English language and points will be awarded based on how concise and thoughtful the essay is. The essay should send a direct message with good communication skills and well-accumulated ideas.

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